Considering Solar? Let us Help

Considering Solar? Let us Help
by Steve Foss, CEO

We continue to see a rise in the number of members who are interested in solar energy, and we don’t think that number will decrease, either. 

FreeState supports solar energy, and we want our members to have options. We installed demonstration units at both cooperative offices. Members can stop by and take a look at an operational array and get data to assist in making these decisions.

There are currently 153 members with alternative energy on their property (14 wind turbines and 139 solar arrays), and the average size of solar arrays on our line is 7 kW. To put that into perspective, the two demo units FreeState installed are each 4 kW.

Most members are looking for ways to save money by producing their power, and others are interested in going green. Whatever the reason is for considering solar energy, be aware there is an overwhelming amount of information available. So, what do you do as a homeowner? Call us. We can help make sense of what is out there. 

We want to protect our member’s investments and provide assistance where we can by making sure you thoroughly understand the real cost of solar power. You might save money, but you will still have a monthly power bill. 

FreeState is your trusted energy adviser and we want to help you sort through the available options and what may work best for you. 

FreeState doesn’t sell solar or the service, but we want our members to know that we’re here to help. So, if you get information at your local county or state fair about solar, take a look at it. If you do choose to install solar, remember that FreeState requires members to complete an application with an application fee of $325 before the installation process can start. The information you provide will ensure safe and efficient connection to our transmission equipment and the safety of our line workers.

Due diligence is not only important when deciding if solar is right for you, but it’s also important when selecting a contractor to install the array. Consider recommendations from friends or family or give us a call and we can provide information about local companies.