Volunteer Member Committee

Members of FreeState Electric Cooperative have graciously given their time and talents to assist the cooperative with its Operation Round-Up program. 

The committee meets quarterly (March, June, September, December) to distribute funding collected from the Operation Round-Up program. If you are interested in serving the committee please fill out an application and send to sarah.farlee@freestate.coop. 

Member Volunteer Guidelines
These basic guidelines describe the expectations that we have of the Member Committee overseeing Operation Round-Up® for FreeState Electric Cooperative, Inc. (FEC). These guidelines are meant to enhance the volunteers’ understanding of their obligations under the general bylaws, and policies of FEC.

These guidelines are intended to give direction to those members agreeing to serve on our committee. It is the purpose of these guidelines to ensure that the best interest of the member-owners of FEC is served by all that is done. We believe that the reputation and credibility of FEC are shaped by the collective conduct of management, staff, board, and committee members. These guidelines will assist in making decisions, particularly when funding and community development is involved.   

Avoiding Conflict of Interests.
Maintaining Non-Conflicted Loyalty Volunteers must conduct themselves with non-conflicted loyalty to the interests of FEC and Operation Round-Up®. This accountability supersedes loyalty to other advocacy or interest groups, membership on other organizations’ boards.

Volunteers must avoid conflict of interest with respect to the following:

  1. There must be no self-dealing, nor any private business activity, nor personal services between FEC volunteers and the applicants of Operation Round-Up® regardless of whether the services or products comprising the business activity are rendered for free or for compensation, including expenses.
  2. When the volunteer is to discuss funding of an applicant in which he/she has an unavoidable conflict of interest, that individual shall excuse herself or himself, without comment, from all activities or discussions relating to that applicant and shall immediately advise the program administrator.
  3. Volunteers will disclose their involvement with other organizations, or any other associations that might produce a potential conflict under these Guidelines. Maintaining Confidentiality Committee members will respect any confidential information concerning any applicants and their respective decisions.

All committee meetings will be confidential unless otherwise noted.

Committee Makeup

  • Member volunteers from across the service territory meet quarterly and are responsible for dispersing donations on the cooperatives behalf.
  • Trustees serve three-year terms.


Meet the committee, and learn why they volunteered to serve their cooperative.


Brad Parker
Committee Chair

Rural Silver Lake
Member for 6 years

"I volunteered to give back to our communities. My goal for Operation Round-Up is to reinvest in our neighbors."




Rev. Melinda Harwood

Member for 25 years

"I have a unique perception of the culture and community of the FreeState Co-op service area. I work and serve in several capacities and have a good understanding of the resources and challenges we face living in a rural suburban area. I look forward to being a part of our evolution as we succeed in becoming vital small communities in a big, big world."



Carol Marple

Member for 41 years

"I am retired and I have time to give. I am thrilled to be in on the startup of FreeState’s charitable program, Operation Round-Up. I see this program as a huge asset to the communities served."




Pastor Deron Johnson

Silver Lake
Member for 17 years

"I love the idea of giving back to the communities that FreeState serves. My goal is that many worthwhile projects will be assisted and that those communities will be blessed by them."




Morgan Starcher (Murrfield Farms)

Member for 50 years

"Murrfield Farms has the same goal as the FreeState Community Foundation. Engage the community, and make a difference in a humble fashion."