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Energy Use Coordinator Matt Lambert will answer questions about energy efficiency, renewables, co-op programs, and everything in between. Email Matt your question and it may be featured in Kansas Country Living or The Signal. FreeState will not use your name and will not distribute any information about your account. 

Can I use landscape to save energy?

My summer electric bill seems extreme!

Where does my energy go?

Do multifunctional cookers save money?

I’m thinking about getting a generator for my home. What size or type do I need to look at getting?

I have read about changing my Christmas lights to LED. Is it really worth the cost?

My bill seemed very high last month, and I’m not sure why. I used a space heater to supplement and kept my furnace low. So, why is my bill not lower?

How can I determine the operating cost of my refrigerator or freezer?

How often should I change my air filter? Are expensive filters better?

I look forward to the spring and fall utility bills every year. Some years I don’t see as significant of a decrease as others. Why is that?

I turn my ceiling fans off when I am not in a room. However, my spouse insists I am losing money in AC or heating by not circulating the air. Am I saving by turning them off?

I keep reading about how FreeState wants me to save energy. I do try to be efficient with lightbulbs and appliances, but are there other ways to save?

April and May are usually some of my lowest electric bills. My bill is lower, but I still think it seems a little high, considering I have not had electric heat and still have not turned on my air conditioner. 

This month we are printing multiple questions, all dealing with solar energy. Please remember to contact FreeState before purchasing or considering grid interconnected renewable energy.

Does my water heater use a lot of energy? 

What can I do to save when insulation or upgrades aren’t possible?

A Salesperson implied to me that the solar panels he wants to sell me would work in the event of a power outage. Is this true? 

A Salesman gave me a number that showed my payback from solar and how I could take advantage of lower usage months in the spring and fall to help offset my winter and summer utility bills. Is this true?

The sales rep that sold me the solar array said they would take care of all the paperwork with FreeState, is that true? 

What are some ways I can keep my family safe if I’m using alternative heat sources?

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