We have provided answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ's). If you don't find the answer to your question here, please contact us by email at customerservice@freestate.coop or by phone at 1-800-794-1989.


What should I do if my electricity goes out?

  1. Check the main breaker panel in your house for any tripped breakers.
  2. Check any outside breakers. There may be additional breakers at the meter pole or pedestal and/or a breaker box on the outside of the building.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the breaker configuration at your location.
  4. When you call to report an outage, you will be asked if you have checked the above items. This helps us determine if an outage exists on our side of the meter and could help you save a substantial charge. If we dispatch a crew and it is found that the outage is on your side of the meter, you will be charged for the service call.
  5. If you heard any unusual sounds prior to the outage or if your neighbors are without power, please report that with your outage call.
  6. Calls reporting outages are answered 24-hours a day, 7-days a week 1-800-794-1989. If you get a busy signal when trying to report an outage, please try again. We may be experiencing heavier than usual call volume. You can also report outages using the SmartHub mobile app. Please do not use social media to report an outage. Our social media pages should be used for you to tell us what is going on in your area, or discuss updates regarding the outages. We cannot enter your outage into our system from social media.


Should my lights be blinking?

If your lights are blinking off and on frequently, please contact us at 1-800-794-1989. Power quality issues are correctable, we just need to know about them. Talk with your neighbors to see if they are experiencing similar blink or outage problems. This can help us narrow down the source of the problem.


What is FreeState's mailing address?
Physical addresses:

FreeState Electric West
1100 SW Auburn Road
Topeka, KS 66615

FreeState Electric East
507 N. Union
McLouth, KS 66054

To Remit Payments:

FreeState Electric Cooperative
PO Box 70
McLouth, KS 66054



When will FreeState disconnect for non-payment?

FEC can and does, disconnect for non-payment year-round. FEC is not regulated by the Kansas Corporation Commission, and therefore, is not under the Cold Weather Rule. See FEC's Rules and Regulations for details. If you will be unable to make a payment, contact our office before the due date. In many cases, FEC member service representatives will try to find a solution that fits.

It is the members responsibility to contact FEC if you are unable to pay your bill. 

Help may be available from several agencies in the area, but not guaranteed. We provide a list as a courtesy to you. 

What is the PCA or PPA charge on my bill?

PCA stands for Power Cost Adjustment. PPA stands for Power Purchase Adjustment. FreeState Electric Cooperative does not generate power and the west district buys it from Westar Energy and the east district buys from KEPCo. Each month, we are charged for the variance in the cost to produce and generate electricity above and beyond the base rate. With the PCA, FreeState is passing along that increase or decrease in the cost of producing electricity that we are charged from our energy providers. 

How do I read my new FEC monthly bill?
Click here to read our tutorial. 

What is an AMI meter?
FEC’s East District began installing AMI meters in 2010. The West District began installation in 2015. These meters replace the old AMR "turtle" meters that have been in use on cooperative lines for over 15 years.

AMI meters offer the most up to date technology, including two-way communication. Old turtle meters would simply send consumption information to our office once per day. The only data you could extract from the readings was a total amount consumed.

With the new meters, you will have access to more detailed usage information, such as what you consume on an hourly basis. Members can monitor their account with SmartHub.

For more information on AMI Metering click here.

What do I need to do to get electricity connected in my name?

  1. Complete an Application For Service for each meter
  2. You may be subject to a security deposit after a credit check
  3. The security deposit may be reduced or waived with your good credit score or a positive letter of credit from a previous electric provider.
  4. The application and any applicable fees must be in our office at least three business days prior to connection or transfer.
  5. If applicable, the former account holder should call our office to OK an account transfer.
  6. Photo identification may be required.
  7. Renters may be required to provide a signed rental agreement.

How do I get an account taken out of my name?

  1. Contact the FEC office at least three (3) business days prior to the date you wish to be disconnected
  2. Have your forwarding address available.
  3. If new people are moving in, please work with them to help avoid an interruption of service.

What fees are charged to establish electric service?

  1. Fees can include a security deposit. Typically, the security deposit for residential service is based on 2x the average at the location service is requested. Commercial deposits are based on estimated usage. The deposit may be reduced or waived depending on your credit score and/or a positive letter of credit from a former electric provider.
  2. Security deposits are credited to the final bill or may be credited to a regular bill after 24 consecutive months of on time payments.
  3. For newly constructed homes or buildings please contact the office. 

What forms of payment does FEC accept?

  1. FEC accepts cash, check, money order and MasterCard or Visa credit/debit cards.
  2. You can pay by phone 27/7 by calling 1-877-853-6120. We are not able to take payments over the phone. In order to make a phone payment you must call the secure payment line. Mastercard or Visa credit/debit cards or electronic check, are accepted.
  3. You can pay online or with your SmartHub account using a Mastercard or Visa credit/debit cards or electronic check.
  4. We have a convenient night drop box outside the front door of our offices if you visit after regular business hours.

What is the Electric Service Charge on my bill?
The electric service charge helps pay for the physical equipment and maintenance costs associated with maintaining such equipment. The customer charge is applicable even when no energy is consumed.

Think of it as you would when you rent a car. You pay a rental fee whether the car is used or not. The gas you put in the car (and consume) is the equivalent to the kilowatt (kWh) billed on your electric account.

Why is my bill higher than my neighbors?
It is very difficult to make accurate comparisons with electric bills - there are so many variables. The size of house, the size of family, age and quality of appliances, type of heating and cooling systems, quality of insulation, condition of internal wire and many other factors. If you are concerned with your bill, contact our Energy Usage Coordinator. They will able to provide valuable information to assist you.

Are there agencies that might help pay an electric bill in time of need?
There are several area agencies in our area that have been known to assist customers with bill payment in a time of crisis. Please be advised that this list is provided only as a courtesy to you. FEC is not affiliated with these agencies in any way and has no agreements with them. There is no guarantee assistance will be granted.

When are capital credits paid to me?
For a complete explanation of capital credits you can visit our capital credits page.

Will FEC trim my trees that have grown into power lines on my property?
Yes, we will - provided the trees are on the primary side of the meter (or before the meter). Any trees/bushes/overgrowth occurring after the meter - or on your side of the meter, will be your responsibility. You will need to complete a Tree Trimming Consent form and submit it to the FEC office before work will begin.

How can I contact FreeState Electric Cooperative (FEC)?

There are multiple ways you can get in touch with us. Below is a list of cooperative staff who specialize in specific areas. 

Compliments and General 




Report an Outage



New Service or Construction

Kasey Whitaker


Capital Credit Concerns

Traci DePriest


High Bill Concerns

Matt Lambert


Right-of-Way Clearance

Randy Wager


Billing or Member Account 


Corey Calvert


Board of Trustee Interest

Chris Parr



Eric Wylie



Sponsorships, Economic 

Development, and Media 

Sarah Farlee


Safety Demonstration 


John Malone


Line Department

Zach Sterling