Opt Out of Operation Round-Up

Want more information on the program? Click here. 

FreeState members are automatically enrolled in the Operation Round-Up program. However, we are giving you an option to opt-out of this charitable giving program. No members will be forced to contribute.

FEC intended to launch this program to assist local communities, organizations, and projects across our service territories. 

If you wish to opt-out of the program, you can do so by giving us a phone call, and tell them you'd rather not be enrolled. We'll take you off, and the few cents we rounded up this month will then be adjusted on your bill. No questions asked. No sales pitch. You can also use your SmartHub account and take yourself out of the program. Or, we also have a form below that will go to our customer service desk. If you are opting out for multiple accounts, please note that. 

If you have specific questions about the program. We'd be happy to talk to you about the good things we'll be doing in the future.

Call to opt-out - 1-800-794-1989

Login to your SmartHub account and select Round-Up under the billing tab. It will allow you to stop participating. Click here for an illustration of that process on the website. 

On the mobile device click here to see an illustration of that process. 

Or, please click here to submit a form to opt out of the program.