A New Cooperative Energy

A New Cooperative Energy

A new generation of members brings new energy to local electric cooperatives, like FreeState.

Across the nation America’s small communities are changing, but not in the way you think. As these communities change in demographics, the values held by generations before to make these communities thrive, are stronger than ever. 

There is a simpler lifestyle embraced in America’s heartland, and it’s one of independent living with a sense of community that looks out for neighbors and embraces a community mentality. It’s a desire for new growth, new direction and building a future that will change the world. 

Rural communities may seem sleepy or quiet but dig a little deeper and you’ll find something happening. It’s new energy, energy that matches the affordable, humble and grounded way to live that’s been here since the beginning. And, opportunity has never been more evident. 

These communities are served by electric cooperatives like FreeState. These cooperatives are led by members like you, created by and for the communities we serve. We are community-focused. We work to deliver the most affordable, reliable and sustainable energy to our members. Every co-op is as unique as the communities that helped shape it, changing over time as our communities grow and change. 

We’re local. We’re independent. We’re together and we’re mighty. Electrical co-ops like FreeState work together to learn from one another to develop new technology and infrastructure. Cooperatives power one in eight Americans across 47 states. The cooperative network employs 71,000 skilled jobs and invests billions in local economies. We are a driving force in helping attract and grow business and industry in rural America. 

Electric cooperatives like FreeState aren’t just economic engines. They’re innovators that develop new ways to incorporate the benefits of cooperative solar, wind and other renewable energy into a balanced energy mix. We are always looking for new ways to help members save money, save energy and take advantage of the newest technologies available. 

It’s no secret the best part of living in a community is working together and looking out for neighbors and people working for the common good. We recognize differences, celebrate individual achievements, and know that we can’t do it all alone. We’re all in this together and we’re all better for it. 

That’s community. That’s what fueled the cooperative movement so many years ago, and it’s the source of new energy today. It’s the power of community and what being an electric cooperative is all about.  

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