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COVID-19 Update March 17, 2020

Not only is it flu season, but the new and rapidly spreading Coronavirus (COVID-19) is on the rise internationally. It can be challenging to know what measures to take, especially when determining what is "media hype" and what is factual. The overall wellness of our employees and members is a top priority. FreeState needs to do our part to not only keep you healthy but to keep you informed.

An Easier Way To Pay

FreeState’s Pre-Pay Program doesn’t replace the cold weather rule. And, is not only used for payment arrangements. It’s available to all consumer-members who want to conserve and save money all year long.

Did you know that since 1996, individual Kansas electric cooperatives have been responsible for establishing seasonal rules appropriate for their cooperatives? The Kansas Corporation Commission does not govern cooperatives; they are self-governed by a board of trustees.

Wilma Remembers When The Lights Came on

Wilma Plake

This story is not about Leavenworth Electric or Kaw Valley, but about the first time, I had seen lights. I think of it often as I see the power that now surrounds us. I was about three or four years old, living in Southern Missouri. We lived in a place called Peanut Ridge in Pierce City. We were very poor, so they say, but family and love help one not notice. We had no lights, running water, or an inside bathroom. At the time, it was about 1941 or 1942.

Operation Round-Up 2019 Giving

In 2019 FreeState members generously gave $113,412 in spare change to area organizations bringing the total since the launch of the Operation Round-Up® program in 2017 to $194,892. The FreeState Community Foundation facilitates the program with the help of a volunteer member committee of five that reviews and awards grant funds quarterly.