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Start of Summer Update

From The CEO, Steve Foss

It’s been quite a year so far and it’s hard to believe we’ve reached the middle of the year. I wanted to take time this month to talk about the global pandemic in our rearview mirror. We hope we can keep it behind us, but it has changed us all. 

Meter Type Doesn't Matter

Time of use can be practiced by all members, no matter what meter you have

Beat the Peak this summer!

The July heat can be sweltering as temperatures continue to creep toward triple digits. That rise in temperature usually means a rise in electric bills as HVAC units flip from off to cool to keep homes comfortable. 

Disconnects Resume June 1, 2020

Disconnects will begin on June 1, 2020.

Although disconnect procedures for nonpayment were temporarily paused during the COVID-19 global pandemic, it is crucial members understand that the suspension of disconnections was not a waiver of electric bills. Your electric use and amount due has continued to accrue as you used electricity during this time.

My summer electric bills seem extreme!

Dear Matt,
My summer electric bills seem extreme. How can I get ahead of it this year and not have a high electric bill?

Summer electric bills stand out as the highest electric bills we get all year. Kansas summers can get extremely hot, and that means electricity bills increase. About half of the energy your home uses is heating and cooling. Consider having an HVAC professional come out and perform routine maintenance. Maintenance can help efficiency and save money.  

Outage Updates - May 4

UPDATE 9:48 p.m. Only 23 members remain without power along K-4 Highway. An Evergy crew is working in the area to replace poles that belong to them, and once those are replaced everyone should have power. This morning's storm took out 13 poles, 2 meter loops 3 regulators. Hats off to our crews who worked extra long hours today to get as many members powered up as possible. FreeState crews will be back out in the morning working to replace poles and rebuild areas with the most damage to fix the temporary power.