Construction and Standards

FreeState Construction and Service Standards 

FreeState Electric Cooperative provides and installs a meter base for our members seeking new service. The meter base provided will either be a meter loop installed on a pole or a meter pedestal for locations served from a pad mounted transformer. FreeState will install, own, and maintain this meter base. The type of meter installation and location will be determined and agreed upon during a new construction meeting held between a FreeState Representative and the member seeking a new service. The location will be determined by maintaining a maximum distance of 150’ of total combined secondary/service conductor from the transformer location to the service entrance of the primary structure in need of service. The cost of installing the meter base will be included in the overall construction cost presented to the member.

Any wire or service components installed past the metering location will be the responsibility of the member. This will include but not be limited to all trenching, conduit, conductors, and connect from the metering location.